Above all else,  the top priority of every sister is their education. As we are a mix of students from different faculties and programs, we are able give each other advice on courses, lend or sell each other textbooks, study together, give study tips, and support each other.  

As a sorority, we hold academic events where sisters can exchange study tips and get help from fellow sisters.

We believe that learning goes beyond traditional classroom settings and should be a part of daily life. Many sisters often take trips to museums and galleries in order to expand their horizons and you will always find a sister who is more than willing to join you!


As a sisterhood, we are a second family for each other - we don't call each other sisters for nothing. A sisterhood is a support group in times of need; there is always a shoulder to cry on or someone to share good news with!

When joining Zeta Theta Xi, you don't just get friends for university, you get friends for life. We have sisters with a wide variety of interests, views and backgrounds and we value the individuality that comes with each person. We look up to each other and value each member of our organization equally.

Zeta Theta Xi is all about being supportive and becoming the best version of yourself and being a part of something greater.


While we love getting to know and spending time with our sisters, we also love getting to know other members of the Ottawa Greek community. We are very active within the Greek community and regularly attend events held by other organizations to show our support as well as being regular participants in events such as Greek Olympics in the Fall semester as well as Sigma Chi's Derby Days in the Winter.

We also hold official mixer events with other sororities and fraternities on campus. Our mixer events can range from joining together to clean a local park, going as a group to one of Ottawa's many fascinating museums or a themed nighttime party.

*Nighttime events tend to have alcohol present. If you are going to drink, please drink responsibly. There are always a minimum of two sober sisters present at every event involving alcohol. 


As an organization, we firmly believe in being involved in the Ottawa community, as well as volunteering is key to being a well-rounded individual. We are committed to our efforts to improve our community in any way that we can, whether it be assembling care packages for homeless women, poutine events or our annual Not So Sweet event for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

We are proud to support the Canadian Diabetes Association and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario's Mental Health wing through our philanthropic efforts. Throughout the year, we hold various events to raise money for both these incredible, equally important organizations. 

Zeta Theta Xi also supports various other organizations and causes locally and nationally.